Sender email address is an essential thing in sending emails from Cratio MAS. It will be a crucial factor to identify your email in the customer's email inbox. By default, the email address which has been used to signup is verified automatically. To add a new sender email, follow the steps.

  1. Click "User Icon" in right top corner

  2. Select "Settings"

  3. Click "Email Settingsā€

  1. Here you can see all the verified sender email addresses.

  2. To add a new sender email address, click "Add Sender Email"

  1. Enter Sender Name, Sender Email

  2. Click "Verify Email"

  1. A verification email will be sent to the sender email address with the email subject "Verify your email address"

  2. Click the link "click here" to verify the email address

  1. New sender email address added successfully.