A smart form is an option to scan your existing form which is already designed and updated in your website & track the leads information. Using our form script, the website will push the data to our app without disturbing any designs and structure of the form.

Create New Smart Form

  1. Click “Forms”

  2. Click “Smart Forms”

  3. Click “Create New”

  1. Enter the name of the form

  2. Enter the full URL of your website page where your form placed

    1. Example : https://www.cratiocrm.com/signup

  3. Click “Scan Url”

  1. Once you clicked the “Scan Url” automatically the page will be redirected to the next tab “Form Fields”

  2. All the forms which is in the specified url will be displayed there

  1. Choose the form which you want to associate with us

  1. All the fields of the form will be displayed there to map

  2. Map the form fields with the people fields”

  3. Click “Form Actions / Next”

  1. Two actions can be done once the form has been submitted

    1. Modify people tag

    2. Send form results

  2. Click the actions which you want to perform once the form submitted

  1. Click Save and Exit

  1. Now the form is scanned successfully & mapped in our app, but the procedure is not completed yet. The tracking script of the form to be updated on our website. To know more about the tracking script, click here