An embedded form is a minimally styled, standalone HTML form to embed on your site. It allows you to automatically generate HTML code to embed straight into your website.

Create a new embedded form

  1. Click “Forms”

  2. Click “Embedded Forms”

  3. Click “Create New”

  1. Enter the name of the form

  2. Choose then successful Submit Action

    1. Remain at form - Once the user submitted the details, it will remain there.

    2. Redirect URL - Once the user submitted the details, the page will be redirected to the specified URL

    3. Display Message - Once the user submitted the details, the form will be hidden and the specified message will be displayed there

  3. Click “Form Fields / Next”

  1. By default, all the new forms will be created with three predefined fields

    1. First Name

    2. Email 

    3. Mobile

  2. If you want to edit the existing fields, click the “Edit” icon

  1. If you want to delete the existing fields, click the “Delete” icon

  1. If you want to add new field in the form, click the field type in the right side

  2. The field properties will be opened 

  3. Fill the required details

    1. Label - Name of the field to show

    2. People Field - Select the people field where the values to be updated

    3. Is Mandatory? - Whether you want to mandate or not

      1. Validation Message - Display message to show when it’s mandated but the value is empty while submitting the form

    4. Show label? - Show or hide the name of the field in form

    5. Help Message - Tooltip information about the field

    6. Input Placeholder - Short hint about the input 

    7. Default Value - Predefined value for the field while loading the form

  4. Click “Add”

  1. By default, the new field will be added at the bottom of the form.

  2. You can click & hold on the field, drag up/down to the place where you want.

  3. Click “Form Actions / Next”

  1. Two actions can be done once the form has been submitted

    1. Modify people tag

    2. Send form results

  2. Click the actions which you want to perform once the form submitted

  1. Click Save and Exit

  1. Now the form is created successfully in our app, but the procedure is not completed yet. This form has to be updated on our website. The tracking script of the form to be updated on our website. To know more about the tracking script, click here