We know that every business is having their own process & sometimes needs some extra fields in the leads information other than the predefined fields. To fulfill the same, we’re allowed to add your own fields in the system. 

Create New Custom Field

  1. Click “Audience”

  2. Click “People”

  3. Click the down arrow which is near to “Add New Person”

  4. Choose “Custom Fields”

  1. Click “Create New”

  1. Here let me explain the functionality of the all options

    1. Label - Name of the field

    2. Alias - System generated value. You can ignore it

    3. Status - Whether the field to be published or not. 

      1. Draft means, the field will not be shown

      2. Active means, the field will be shown

    4. Is Mandatory?

      1. If YES, then you can save the records without filling this.

      2. If NO, it’s an optional field

    5. Data Type - Type of the field

    6. Default value - Predefined value for the field while adding/importing

  2. Fill the required details

  3. Click “Save and Exit”

  1. Field added successfully

  1. Go to “Audience”

  2. Click any existing people

  1. Click “Edit”

  1. Now you can see the newly added field there

Delete an existing field

The system will not allow you to delete the predefined system fields. But instead, it allows you to delete your own field which has been created in the system.

You can see a lock symbol in the fields. This means these fields are system fields which can’t be deleted.

To delete your own custom field, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the field which you want to delete

  2. Click the down arrow which is in the column header

  3. Click “Delete Selected”

  1. Confirmation will be asked to you.

  2. Click “Yes, delete it”

  1. Success message will be displayed