A fresh account starts quite empty. Our handy Leads Import Builder can help you to upload and organize your marketing audience quickly.

Our auto-update feature during import, can help you in adding new leads to your account and update the data of existing leads parallelly.

In this article, you'll learn how to import leads through CSV file to your account.

  1. Click “Audience”

  2. Click “People”

  3. Click the down arrow which is near to “Add New Person”

  4. Choose “Import People”

  1. If you already have a csv file you can click “Choose File” to select it.

  1. If you don’t have file, then you can download the sample csv file from us by clicking “.CSV file” link as shown below

  1. The csv file must contain either email address or mobile number for every record. If both the records not available in the csv file, then the system will ignore the record while importing

  1. Once you’ve chosen the csv file, Click “Upload”

  1. Choose any tag if you want to tag these imported audience

  2. Now map the fields of both csv file columns with account fields.

  3. Once mapped all the fields, Click “Import”

  1. Import operation will be queued and it will be imported.