1. Click “Automations”

  2. Click “Email Templates”

  3. Click “Create New Email”

  1. Enter the name of the email template

  2. Click “Create Email”

  1. Enter the required details

    1. Subject, Preview Text, From Name, From Address, Reply to Address

  2. Click “Content/Next”

  1. Select the required email template by clicking “Select” button

  1. Do the necessary change in the template & click “SAVE”

  1. Email preview will be displayed.

  2. Click “Save and Exit”

Link email template with workflow

  1. Click “Automations”

  2. Click “Workflows”

  3. Choose any automation in which you want to link the created email template

  1. Click “+” icon in the flow where you want to insert the email template

  1. Click “Action”

  1. Choose “Send an email” from the list

  2. Choose the created email template in “Which Email? List.

  3. Click “Update”

  1. You can see the email is now linked with the flow

  2. Click “Save and Exit”