The “Automation” is a chain of activities that runs when triggered by starting conditions you set. Automation is created by connecting triggers, actions, and logic. Using our automation builder, you can link and match these events in unique ways to generate automation that fulfill a wide variety of tasks.

Automation is capable of automating your unlimited list of marketing automation tasks. It constantly analyze your leads into the right path, at the right time.  

How a Workflow Works?

Automation is something that keeps your company operating even after you've logged off in the evening. It eases your working process when you think about how you're going to find the time to run additional email/sms campaigns.

  • A traditional email/sms campaign can send a regular email/sms to your lead at the time you wish.

  • With this workflow email/sms campaign, emails are sent automatically to specific leads as they match your sending rules.

  • Select your automation type, create one email from scratch or a set of emails/sms, and initiate your sending rules. 

  • We'll use lead data to find out who should get your emails and when. 

  • Following this installation, Craito MAS will organize your queue and email/sms sends, so your emails will reach the right people at the right time.

If you are new to marketing automation, read this article. We've made it as detailed as useful and demonstrated why we're suggesting the steps below.

So, anyone can understand how to combine different triggers, actions, decisions, forks, and Goal to create an automated workflow.