Engaging people on a personal level is a great way to build trust in your brand. When you send emails with personalized content, people are more likely to interact with you. 

Personalize your Email Subject Line

To add the personalization in email subject line, click the “tag” icon 

  • If you want to add their first name, choose “Contact | First Name”

  • If you want to add their last name, choose “Contact | Last Name”

  • Email liquids will be added in the subject line like “{{ people.firstname }}, {{ people.lastname }}” based on your selection

Personalize your Email Content

To personalize your email content, we’ve an option called “Merge Tags” in the text component. 

You can find the available options below

People | First Name - Will display the first name of the customer

People | Last Name - Will display the last name of the customer

People | Email address - Will display the email address of the customer

People | Mobile Number - Will display the mobile number of the customer

Email | From email address - Will display the sender emails address of the campaign

Email | Unsubscribe link - Will display the option to unsubscribe email newsletters

Email | Browser view - Will display the option to view the emails in new browser tab

Account | Brand Name - Will display your company name

Account | Company Address - Will display the address of your company

Other than the above, we’ve an option called “Special links”

If you want to insert your website url, 

  1. Select “Special links”

  2. Click “Email link”

  3. Click “Website URL”